Road Safety Audit Stage 1

RoadSafety1Client: BAM/McCann JV

The objective of this scheme is to upgrade the A26 to category 5 dual carriageway standard on the stretch of single carriageway between Glarryford and the A44 Drones Road Junction, a distance of approximately 7.5 km.

The main objectives of the proposed scheme are to improve this length of the A26 (Frosses Road) to dual carriageway standard, to improve road safety on this length of the A26 and to reduce traffic congestion at peak times through this section of carriageway, improving vehicle operating costs and journey times.
The works are located to the north of Ballymena on the A26 on the main Belfast to Coleraine route. The Site starts before the Glarryford Junction on the A26 and continues to the A44 Drones Road junction.

PMCE Ltd. completed the Road Safety Audit in response to a commission from a BAM/McCann JV. The audit comprised an examination of all drawings and other information relating to the scheme supplied by the designers.

PMCE’s Audit Team visited the site on the 12th of June 2014 to view the existing road layout and the interfaces at existing junctions.