Our Clients

As independent specialists in Road Safety Engineering, our clients include Engineering Design Consultants, Construction Contractors, Roads Operators and Public Authorities.
At PMCE Consultants, we believe in the value of long-term client relationships, and we understand that long-term relationships can only exist if there is a continuous delivery of high quality work with exceptional customer service and clear value-for-money. This is our commitment to every client on every project, and we are proud to say that we have built up a large customer base of long-term clients in Ireland / UK and in the Gulf States.

Ireland / UK Clients

Our work in Ireland and the UK involves working closely with well-established Design Consultants, National and Local Authorities, as well as large Civil Engineering & Contracting Organisations. Our long-standing clients include:

Gulf States Clients

PMCE Consultants has been operating in the Gulf States since 2010 and is an approved and established provider of Road Safety Audits in Qatar and the UAE. We work with Design Consultants and Public Authorities on large scale national infrastructure projects and on developer-led projects including:
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