Park & Share Pilot Scheme, M1 Junction 16

Park & Share Pilot Scheme, M1 Junction 16

Services Provided: Road/Junction Design; Road Safety Improvement; PSDP

Location: Ireland

Client: Louth County Council

Project Status: Complete

A Feasibility Report was prepared by Louth County Council in 2018 for a pilot M1 Park & Share Scheme, to examine the possible provision of a carpark adjacent to one, or more, of the junctions on the M1 to address unsafe commuter parking/carpooling near motorway junctions. The implementation of the pilot scheme would inform the development of similar facilities at other locations.

The Feasibility Report concluded that a pilot Park & Share facility should be provided on a suitable site adjacent to the R215 near Junction 16 on the M1.

PMCE were appointed by Louth County Council to prepare a design for the proposed Pilot Scheme. The project included: –

  • the construction of a Park and Share carpark with 226 parking spaces in a site adjacent the R215
  • an access to the carpark approximately 250m west of the M1 Junction 16 from a new right-turn lane
  • a reduced hard shoulder width of 1.5m to discourage informal parking on the R215
  • public lighting at the Park and Share access junction
  • measures to deter roadside car-pooling parking on the N53 near the M1 Junction 17
  • Infrastructure to support CCTV and future Electric Vehicle charging provisions

As part of our appointment PMCE prepared: –

  • a Preliminary Design
  • documents to support the Part 8 Planning process
  • a Detailed Design
  • Contract/Tender Documentation

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