Planning permission granted for Cashel Palace Hotel Co. Tipperary

Planning permission has recently been granted for the refurbishment of the Cashel Palace Hotel, Cashel, Co. Tipperary. The refurbishment includes extending the existing hotel to provide additional guest accommodation, function facilities, a spa/leisure centre, additional car parking, associated landscaping, works to the public realm and ancillary services.

PMCE are delighted to have assisted in supporting this planning application through the delivery of a Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA), which assessed the surrounding road network within Cashel Town Centre for its ability to cater for the increased traffic demand generated by the newly refurbished hotel.

The TTA included the analysis of six high demand junctions within Cashel town centre. The analysis was conducted by creating traffic models for each junction and undertaking a capacity analysis for the junctions up to the year 2034, incorporating the expected traffic volumes generated by the refurbished hotel.

The Traffic and Transport Assessment was successfully completed and delivered in 2017 and is a good example of the traffic modelling capability within PMCE, which allowed for the successful granting of planning permission for the refurbished Cashel Palace Hotel

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