Road & Junction Design

Expertise - Traffic AnalysisPMCE has experience in the design of road and junction improvement schemes extending to schemes of all sizes for both Private and Public Clients. Our team has over 30 years’ experience in road planning, road design and delivery of road and transportation projects, so is comfortable designing and managing all project sizes and complexities.

We have successfully worked with State Bodies, Local Authorities and the private sector and ensure that our design activities deliver the high level of quality required by Clients and to which they have become accustomed as the hallmark of PMCE’s services.

Our expertise includes multi-discipline design management of all aspects of road scheme project life cycles. Our experience extends from inception, route selection, statutory procedures, design and construction.

PMCE considers that the successful implementation of a project is enhanced considerably by the application of robust and systematised project management techniques. This includes the preparation of project quality plans, critical path programme development, risks assessments, tight budget controls, robust verification processes, regular client/stakeholder engagement and resource management.