Planning permission granted for St. Marys School, Co.Mayo

Planning permission has recently been granted for the construction of the new St. Mary’s School in Ballina, Co. Mayo.

PMCE are delighted to have assisted in supporting this planning application through the delivery of a Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA), which assessed the surrounding road layout for its ability to cater for the increased traffic demand generated by the new school.

PMCE also undertook a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit of the internal layout of the proposed school which also supported the planning application.

The TTA included  the analysis of 8 junctions including signalised, roundabout and priority junctions. The analysis was conducted by creating traffic models for each junction and undertaking a capacity analysis for the junctions up to the year 2035. The analysis incorporated the expected traffic volumes generated by the school which will cater for 650 students.

The TTA and Road Safety Audit were successfully completed and delivered in 2017 and is a good example of the variety of traffic and transport engineering services provided by PMCE.

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